What drives Profit Maximization?

Maximizing Profits
Are you concerned why your business is not converting growth and sales performance into profits?

Are you wondering what financial levers you can pull to make your business more profitable?
At Profit Spear, we have the expertise to kick the tires and look under the hood of your business, show you the underlying drivers of profitability and levers that are at your disposal that can make significant impact, and help you unlock your business's true profit potential.


In line with our calling to empower you as a small business owner to achieve your dreams of running a successful business; we are laser focused on its most critical underlying element - PROFIT MAXIMIZATION!

Profitability is not a snapshot in time, rather a reflection of the underlying health of a business driven by key factors such as sustained sales/growth, healthy margins, robust operating and business model, healthy operations and low-cost structure, efficient cash flow management, consistent positive cash flows, and solid financial management.

Profitability Of Your Business Rests On Five Main Pillars

We will unlock the drivers of profitability by doing a thorough analysis on its five major pillars, and reveal the levers that are at your disposal so you can make transformative changes and take your business towards greater profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get a better handle on my business's financials and need actionable insights and guidance on how to grow and be more profitable.

Am I investing my money, time, and efforts in the right areas of my business to drive growth and profitability?

We will analyze the underlying P&L drivers of your business and provide you full visibility into how they are impacting profitability. We will look under the hood and past performance to identify trends and focus areas and recommend actions and changes that can have immediate and significant impact. Our goal is to guide you in how you operate/make decisions that will give you better control over all major drivers impacting profitability so you can focus your efforts and energy in the right areas to grow and maximize profits.

If my business is growing and doing great then why don't I see my profits grow?

What changes should I be making in my business, and what levers can I pull to be more profitable?

If your sales and growth are not converting to bottom line profits, then we will dive in deeper into your margins and take a look at your product/service assortment, sales strategy and identify how you can make changes to drive higher margins to support greater profitability. We will also do a thorough analysis of your operating expense profile to see if growth rate of your expenses both fixed and variable is in line with growth in sales/revenues and identify/guide you in focusing on items that should be addressed. Our goal is to do a full vertical and horizontal analysis of your financials to tease out drivers that you can tackle and make a meaningful impact on profitability.

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