Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Cash Is King For Small Businesses

A true indicator of a business's health is its ability to generate positive cash flows on a sustainable basis. Whether it's a startup, growing, or established business, it is extremely important to have sufficient cash available at all times to generate sales, pay vendors, manage operating expenses, service debt obligations and such.

We have the expertise to look into the numbers and analyze the main drivers of cash flows to provide you with visibility and actionable insights into your cash flow forecast so you can improve and maintain healthy cash situation at all times.

Understanding The Drivers

Managing Cash Flow in a Business


Cash Flow

Let us help you make your dollar work as hard as you do. We can give you actionable insights into how you can make the most out of every dollar of sales, and provide you solutions and recommendations so that you can make smart decisions on how you run and grow your business.

  • Cash flow projections can enable you to position your business where cash inflows outpace cash outflows
  • Manage operating expenses wisely to support healthy cash flows
  • Target your sales strategy to generate revenues faster while reducing inventory risk
  • Invest in growth and expansion plans with confidence, while tailoring them to ensure there is enough cash available as and when needed
  • Negotiate contracts and payment terms to your advantage with clear visibility on its impact on cash flows

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I be doing to make sure I have strong cash flows, and have good visibility into cash flows?

We will analyze past financials performance and look under the hood to identify actions you can take on how you operate/make decisions that will improve and grow your cash flows. We will help with cash flow projections and bring visibility into cash that is trapped within net working capital, AR/AP and inventory and identify focus areas so you can make appropriate changes and improve cash flows going forward.

How do I make sure I never run out of cash to meet my payment and expense obligations to vendors, staff and others?
I want to have cash left over to invest back into my business and grow sales.

We will evaluate your business model, sales, product/service strategy, operating model/expenses, AR, AP, inventory and net working capital and find ways to free up cash so you can meet your payment obligations.
We will also identify if there is a need to change pricing/product offerings to drive higher margins, as well as reducing certain operating expenses and zero-in on specific drivers/actions you can take to improve your cash flow situation and have cash available to reinvest in your business.

I fear that I may not have enough cash/liquidity to help manage market and business uncertainty and volatility…I need cash flow projections for my business.

We have the expertise to evaluate and analyze all major drivers that impact cash flows, look at important cash flow metrics such as operating cash flow margins, free cash flow ratios, cash conversion cycle and working capital ratios, and provide you a clear picture of your cash flow situation.
We will recommend ways you can improve cash flow and liquidity in your business to manage uncertainty and volatility. We have the tools to model cash flow projections under various scenarios, so you have good visibility into future cash flow needs and manage them efficiently.

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