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Let our financial expertise and marketing wizardry unlock your path to Profitability and Growth!

Profitability is not sustainable without growth;
and growth is meaningless without profitability!

Maintaining this balance is key for a successful business.

At Profit Spear Consulting, we drive both profitability and growth for our clients. We do this by unleashing the combined power of our top-notch financial expertise and exceptional digital marketing capabilities.

We don't just manage your financials; we analyze them to help you breathe new life into the way you operate and drive your business forward towards greater profitability.
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For a successful business, having a great product or service is just the start. But in today's digital world, having a well-rounded and strategic approach on how you stand out and reach your prospect customers makes all the difference between growth and irrelevance.
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We provide Services that drive profitability and growth!

Our financial experts with their vast experience in Accounting and CFO services ensure greater profitability for our clients.

Our Digital Marketing professionals with their innovative growth strategies help our clients reach new customers and markets; which will propel their business towards phenomenal growth.

Fractional CFO Services

Fractional CFO services
Every business wants to make more money;
our fractional CFO services will help you do just that!
  • Maximize profitability with actionable financial insights and recommendations
  • Drive favorable financial outcomes with smart financial management and planning
  • Expand and grow your business backed by robust financial analysis
  • Manage risk, improve cash flows, and boost profits
  • Implement sound financial practices and processes to drive long-term profitability
  • Move forward confidently with capital investment decisions
  • Reduce risk and improve business performance with smart KPIs
Portfolio of fractional CFO services offered by profit spear consulting.
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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Portfolio of accounting & bookkeeping services offered by profit spear consulting.
Get laser focused on your profitability
with our expert accounting and bookkeeping services.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services
Grow your brand! Grow your business!
We are your growth delivery experts.
  • Generate leads, convert clicks into customers, and grow sales
  • Be front and center, and get top rankings on search engines for your business
  • Boost online visibility, drive traffic, and reach new customers
  • Build strong social media presence to connect and engage with customers
  • Build brand loyalty and trust
  • Promote your products and services to target audiences
  • Leverage digital innovation to standout and beat competition
Portfolio of digital marketing services offered by profit spear consulting.
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Client Case Studies
Bunker 27 is a Texas based premium retailer of US military and patriotic-themed fine apparel with multiple retail outlets across the country.
Profit Spear has been fully engaged in financial management and accounting/bookkeeping services for Bunker 27 since 2023.
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ReNew Developers is a Connecticut based sustainable real estate development firm that specializes in land acquisition and build-out for data centers and utility scale renewable energy projects ranging from $20M to more than $100M in capital investments.
Profit Spear has been actively engaged in supporting Renew Developers since 2022.
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Who We Are

We are a team of talented and passionate individuals, some live and breathe finance and accounting, while some are creative enthusiasts obsessed with outside-the-box digital marketing solutions. Together we are dedicated to driving profitability and growth for our clients.

Naveen David Meagher with over a decade of financial management experience with fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, Ameriprise Financial, NextEra Energy Corp, brings a lot of finance expertise to help businesses improve profitability and achieve growth.
His focus as a finance professional has always been on finding solutions to business challenges and improving profitability of his business units. If he could do that successfully for big corporations, then why not for your business!
Naveen has an MBA in finance from the University of Florida at Gainesville, and master's in electrical engineering. Naveen’s broad experience includes financial management of multi-billion-dollar re-commerce business and large-scale energy projects, as well as in financial services and retail.

Naveen manages all finance and accounting relationships.
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Zoe McPherson brings over eight years of seasoned expertise as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Project Manager.

Zoe McPherson brings over eight years of seasoned expertise as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Project Manager. With a keen insight into the unique hurdles faced by small to mid-sized businesses, Zoe has honed her skills in addressing many challenges that come with growing a business's online presence. Her experience extends to working with industry giants like Adidas, Lexus, and New Era, granting her a rare glimpse into the marketing secrets of these top-tier companies.
Drawing from strategies that propelled these brands to prominence, Zoe discovered her true calling -- guiding smaller businesses towards achieving their own success! Partnering with our amazing team of experts; there is no limit to the personally tailored strategies that she and her team bring to every project. 

Zoe is our growth strategist and manages all digital marketing relationships.
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