Who We Are

We are a team of talented and passionate individuals, some live and breathe finance and accounting, while some are creative enthusiasts obsessed with outside-the-box digital marketing solutions. Together we are dedicated to driving profitability and growth for our clients.

We are dedicated to you and your goals.
What makes us unique is that we are focused solely on small businesses, and dedicated to providing you the relationship you need on a long-term basis that is built on trust and credibility.

Unlike some entities that connect you with a freelancer or temporary consultant who may or may not be available long term; we are here to stay, build a long-term relationship, and get to know your business so that we can partner with you year after year as your dedicated profitability and growth experts!

We serve you where you are.
In this post-pandemic era, there are no physical boundaries. The world of technology and remote work connects us all.
So no matter your geographic location, we will work with you to address business challenges you face in running and growing your business with the wide range of consultative services we offer.

Founder/Financial Strategist

Hi, My name is Naveen David Meagher. After working for almost fifteen years with large fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, Ameriprise Financial, NextEra Energy Corp, I decided to combine my finance expertise with my passion for small business and started Profit Spear Consulting, LLC to help small businesses achieve their goal of growth while maximizing profits.

My focus as a finance professional has always been on finding solutions to business challenges and improving profitability of my business units.
If I can do that successfully for big corporations, then why not for your business?

Naveen has an MBA in finance from the University of Florida at Gainesville, and MS in electrical engineering in semiconductor design. Naveen’s broad experience includes financial management of multi-billion dollar re-commerce business, working on financial analysis of large energy projects in nuclear, wind, solar and oil/gas exploration, working in financial services and ecommerce, as well as designing microchips for automotive and consumer applications. Naveen lives with his family near St Paul, Minnesota, and loves riding his motorcycle along the Mississippi.
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Our VISION is for a world where stability, growth, and long-term success are attainable for all small business owners.

We help you build a reality where risk and uncertainty are smartly managed so that success can be achieved--clearing your path for nothing but profitability and growth!

Our MISSION is to empower our clients with actionable insights, recommendations, and solutions needed to drive growth and maximize profits.

Our Values

Caring about Small Business

Our services reflect our deep belief in small businesses as the core of their communities. We are passionate about using our expertise to help you expand your reach and increase your impact in how you serve.

We will strive to make your dreams a reality!

In line with our passion for how everyone should have equal opportunity to achieve their dreams, we provide expertise that will amplify your growth plans and builds resilience in your business to be successful.

A Client-First Approach

We are deeply committed to your business, doing all that we can to help you overcome your obstacles and see your visions through to reality. We live into every promise we make to our clients.

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