Financial Management & Strategic Planning

Financial Planning & Analysis

Navigating Your Business

Most often than not things in the real-world keep changing and don’t go as planned. As a smart business owner we want you to be prepared to tackle both risks and opportunities that present themselves.

We want you to be nimble and react quickly. Whether it's changing sales and revenue strategy, decreasing operating costs and other expenses, managing labor/staffing, or payroll and other overhead expenses. By having a dynamic financial plan and management process, you can be better prepared to navigate changes ahead, plan for uncertainty and risk, and be well-positioned to achieve financial objectives.

Smarter Financial Management Leads To Better Financial Outcomes

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Budgeting and Financial Planning

Our budgeting and financial planning process will enable owners, stakeholders and managers to collectively focus and layout expectations around major profit drivers such as revenues, sales, cost of goods and services, gross margins, operating expenses, overhead, and other big expenses that could have material impact on the bottom line for the foreseeable future. This enables alignment and accountability, while providing visibility to path forward in realizing financial goals.

Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Scrub and challenge P&L assumptions and expectations
  • Better prepare for challenges ahead
  • Engage in timely manner to take action to better position your business and stay clear of unwanted turbulence
  • Gain clarity and alignment on path forward
  • Better execution of business operations to meet profitability goals both short and long term

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a financial plan or budget, and don't know how to formalize my growth and profitability goals.

We will understand your vision and goals for your business and create a financial road map/budget and plan that will include all major financial drivers and projections.
This game plan will provide a path for your business teams to follow along with details around how each month should perform and what needs to be accomplished on a periodic basis so that your business can stay on track to achieving financial goals.

How do I get better predictability and accountability in my business, and make sure my team sees and follows it?
What should I be doing on how I operate my business so I am on the right path to grow and be more profitable?

Best way to ensure there is predictability and accountability in your business is by having a financial plan and setting goals for your business that are clear, realistic, and transparent. It's very important that everyone understands and aligns with targets that have to be met, and must plan actions accordingly to be able to meet/achieve goals for your business.
We will create a financial planning process that starts with setting goals and budgets. This will be followed by periodic monitoring and reviewing actual performance of major P&L drivers versus plan/budget to see what is working well, and where there are opportunities to improve, and actions your teams can take to make sure your business is on track. We will also analyze financial performance regularly and provide reports/financial summaries that can provide important actionable insights and recommendations on major underlying P&L drivers so you can pull the right levers to stay on track.

I want to understand my business's financial performance on a periodic basis so I can make proper adjustments in a timely manner,  and have better handle on how things are shaping up before it's too late.

We have the tools and expertise to analyze the underlying drivers of your business and how they are impacting financial performance on a regular basis.
We will create smart dashboards and reports that will give you good insights and visibility in a timely manner on major P&L drivers, and provide actionable insights and recommendations on changes you should make. This will allow you to have better control on how you operate your business and guide you on where more effort and time needs to be invested to get best financial outcomes for your business.

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